How To Hack a Computer

How To Hack a Computer

Hacking is the art of exploiting computers to get access to otherwise unauthorised information. Now that the world is using IT systems to gather, store and manipulate important information there is also a need to make sure that data is secure However, no system is without its problems Holes are often present within security systems which, if exploited, allow hackers to gain access to this otherwise restricted information. my aims to give you the information required to think like hackers Hacking and security is a constantly updated and fast moving sector of the computing industry and as such it is vital that you are up to date with all the details including the latest exploits, patches and more It is important that hackers also follow the Hacker Ethical So this page provides various types of hacking tutorial Following my ideas you can also hack any android phone or computers
Social engineering toolkit SET is an exploitation framework for social engineering attacks like phishing, web attacks hack windows machines etc
So lets begin


1 Kali Linux: Get it Here


Launch SET In kali linux it can be found in Applications Kali linux Exploitation Tools Social Engineering Toolkit setoolkit
Or you can start from the Terminal by typing setoolkit
2 The following screen will be opened
3 Select option Social Engineering Toolkit.
4 Select option Create Payload and listener.
5 Enter attackers IP address here To check your ip address type ifconfig in new terminal and you will find it
6 Select option Windows Reverse TCP Meterpreter.
7 Select option Backdoored Executable.
8 Enter port of the listener 443 It will create a backdoored Executable file named payload.exe in SET’s home directory PATH: /usr/share/set/payload.exe
9 Now type yes to start msfconsole
10 Once msfconsole has been started transfer that payload.exe on victim’s machine and run it on that machine
11 Meterpreter session will be opened
12 Migrate current process to another process to make sure your meterpreter session will remain open To do this you must have process id of process to which you are migrating. use ps command to know all process currently running on victim’s machine and its process id.

————–migrate PID of another process————-

13 Here i am migrating to explorer.exe
help command gives you information about the commands that can be executed on victim’s machine
14 you can shutdown victim’s machine
15 You can do anything with victims machine You can shudown reboot victims machine You can steal files from that machine and upload files to that machine
You can drop into system’s shell With that you can create a file on that machine open a file, kill processes currently running on that machine and manymore

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